Richard Hedgecock - The Artist


Richard Hedgecook was a young man who chose the road less traveled.  He  enrolled at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with an interest in math.  Yet, he played baseball and was offered a scholarship to East Carolina and chose to major in art.  He was young...searching through life...a purpose. 

After college, Richard served in the Army for three years.  He spent two years traveling throughout Europe to such places as Germany, Greece, Amsterdam, Italy, and Paris.  He was exposed to the finest art in Western Civilization.  His eyes were opened when studying such places as the Rikes Museum in Amsterdam , the Louvre in Paris and the Alte Pinakothek in Munich, Germany.

Upon returning home, he went back to his old stomping ground at East Forsyth High School.  He taught art for five years...yet, he was still searching.  He decided to open a small framing studio and expose his art to be sold.  He learned that framing is just as much an art as the original art he creates.  His work in both framing and painting, defines him as a realist with a story to tell.

Artist, framer, inventor, and animal lover, Richard Hedgecock is a gentle Renaissance man.  His studio and gallery in Kernersville, N.C. has,  been a source of his original works and limited edition giclées and prints.  From local patrons in his hometown to international collectors, people who love art appreciate the soulful attentiveness Richard brings to all his paintings.

Richard uses a variety of media, including oils, acrylics, and watercolors.  His paintings include historic places and tranquil landscapes, insightful portraits of wonderful people, and vivid portrayals of God's creatures. His eye sees and his hand captures the inner essence of every subject.

Richard used to provided part-time work for students who needed an extra buck.  But realized he needn't look any further when he hired a young man named Corby.  Richard began to witness Corby’s willingness to only strive for perfection.  He highly appreciated Corby’s talent and passion.  Richard stated, “Corby is the finest framer in the state.  He is meticulous and will only settle for perfection”  Richard would like to pass on his life's work and passion to Corby and that is exactly what he plans to do.